Thursday, 4 April 2013

I 'm happily married.. :)

After loooooooooooooooooooooooong time.. No?? But what to do? I was busy with my wedding shopping during the last month of the last year, and then the wedding, honeymoon (looooved it :P ) and some of the never ending rituals of Indian(Bengali) culture. But today I will tell you about a nice phase of my life.

Wedding day:

This is how I looked on my D-day..

Me with my Father, brother and Maa..
The feeling was like I had become celebrity for one day. Everyone wanted to take a pic with me. But posing constantly in front of the flash light was very irritating at that time. But people pampered me too, and in return it was my duty to make everyone happy.

This is my "Har-ek-friend-kamina-hota-hay" group.. But I love them a lot.  :)
During "Maala Badal".. (A ritual of exchanging the garlands)..
During "Sindur daan"..
 This is a ritual when the groom puts vermilion onto the forehead of the bride.

This is how I looked after "Sindur daan"..

On Suhag raat:

My father-in-law, Mom-in-law, Hubby, My father, Maa..

Me and my Hubby...

On the day of reception:

This my "reception-day look"..
I wore a lehenga which was my father-in-law's choice.. I loved way I looked on that day.. :)

With my Moms and daddies... :)
With my hubby...
We fought on that day too :P... See my face.. :D

Now comes the most charming part of the day.. We all danced.. Everyone praised my dancing and energy.. :P See the photos...

Me and Hubby..

Hubby, his friends and my bro..

With my two daddies... :)
I am very happy with my new maa and baba.. they love me a lot. I never felt like I was at a new place, I am really lucky.. So, I also try to give my best to keep them happy.. Together we are a happy family..
For the honeymoon pics, I will write another post very shortly. :) :)

Till then, keep smiling :):)